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After-School Programs Specialist: After School Programs of Lancaster.

Responsibilities: Provides group services to elementary age children relating to a partnership with the Afterschool Programs of Lancaster, with both the afterschool program and the summer program.

Scheduling and providing three evidence-based programs that relate to anxiety, stress, depression, and impulsivity to five elementary locations; administering assessments at the beginning and end of programs; documenting as needed; working closely with the agency partner in scheduling and planning; maintaining and ordering curriculum materials; maintaining records for reporting purposes; contact parents/guardians as needed; attend community meetings as needed; other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in mental health related discipline; social work and/or counselor licensure preferred. Position requires the ability to work cooperatively within the school setting; to be self-directed, dependable, organized and possess good communication skills; to be sensitive and attentive to the cultural needs of each student and family.

Supervisor: Children Services Supervisor 

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