CCBHC Primary Care Nurse

Responsibilities include: Performing duties that include completing basic medical/nursing assessments and mental status assessments. Verify any medication changes, recent hospitalizations, or changes in medical, social, or family history that may have an impact on Mental Health Treatment. Complete necessary charting that is required to maintain standards established to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies and documentation of medical data/reports, etc.
Prepare and administer medications as ordered by the agency physician when necessary; assess clients for side effects of prescribed medications at time of each visit. Document findings in client records; document in clients' records all medications delivered to client or significant other noting delivery made as ordered by physician; provide direct nursing care as necessary, i.e. check vital signs, administer injections as prescribed by a physician, or other duties as assigned by physician; communicate with case managers when necessary, to convey or obtain information regarding clients’ health care needs; collaborate with physicians regarding client medications or changes in condition; assure that medications are being delivered as directed by physician to clients receiving Central Pharmacy (CP) and regular prescriptions; document accordingly; documentation through dated and signed nurses' notes to ensure accuracy and description of the nursing care being provided and to reflect the clients' response to the care given; cooperate with other departments within the agency when coordinating medication services to ensure that the clients' total regiment of care is maintained. Meet with clients and/or family members/caregivers to assist in the delivery of quality care to that client; make independent decisions concerning nursing care with consultation to the agency psychiatrists in doubtful cases; respond to phone calls from community pharmacists and other clinical entities to ensure proper administration of medication to the patient at all times eg. jail, hospitals, nursing home, consultations, etc; ensure all orders including medication, dosage, directions, quantity, refills and pharmacy are correct per orders; respond to phone or verbal inquiries of clients or significant others regarding medication, within the bounds of client confidentiality; other related clinical responsibilities.

Qualifications: Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in the State of Ohio. Experienced in or knowledge of mental health interventions and ability to assess mental illness. Attendance and participation in continuing education programs designed to maintain an unencumbered LPN license and nursing proficiency.