Our Services

Services at New Horizons

New Horizons serves children and adults of all ages throughout Fairfield County who are in need of mental health counseling and treatment for a variety of mental health diagnoses through the following programs.

Access to Care Programs
  • Crisis Intervention Program

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Open Access

  • Employee Assistance Services

  • Embedded Clinicians

Early Childhood Services
  • Early Intervention - Elementary

  • Early Intervention - Secondary School

  • Students K-12

  • Intersystem Consultation Program

Family Services
  • Intensive Home-Based Treatment Program

  • Intersystem Consultation Program

Adult Services
  • Senior Support

  • Substance Use Disorder/Addictions Treatment

  • Program for Adults with Severe & Persistent Mental Illness

  • Job Placement & Support

Outpatient Services
  • Crisis Services 

  • Individual and Group Counseling

  • Psychiatric Care

  • Medication Management

Suicide Prevention
  • Signs of Suicide Program (SOS)​

  • Warning Signs and Symptoms

  • Help Line