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Our Services

Family Services

New Horizons serves children and adults of all ages throughout Fairfield County who are in need of mental health counseling and treatment for a variety of mental health diagnoses through the following programs.

Intensive Home-Based Treatment Program

Assessment, counseling, child psychiatry and wraparound care for families with multiple needs. Multiple home and community-based sessions are offered per week over a three to six-month period of time.

Open Access

Walk-in/Same day initial assessment appointments for new clients are available Monday through Friday.

Employee Assistance Programs

These assessment and short-term counseling programs are available to employees upon request through contractual arrangements between New Horizons and selected Fairfield County employers.

Embedded clinicians

New Horizons therapists provide on-site assessment, counseling, care management, referral and consultation services at the following community locations: Child Protective Services/Job and Family Services; select City and County school buildings; Fairfield County Jail and Ohio University-Lancaster.

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