Psychiatric Services Coordinator

Administrative Supervision: Training and administrative supervision of department specific staff; contract monitoring; and generating outcome data. Financial and budget analysis. Assisting staff in implementing the agency’s strategic plan, and adhering to standards of productivity and general agency policies and procedures. Coordination of scheduling for all department staff; participation in agency peer review; management team; and CARF and other accreditation standards
Direct Service Provision: Provides direct Medication/Somatic Services: includes evaluation, treatment and medication management of patients; provides timely and complete service documentation in accordance with agency standards. Links with other agency clinical and support staff to facilitate care quality; works in collaboration with an agency psychiatrist. Direct Service approximately 50% of position.

Qualifications: Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Admin, Nursing, or other Medical or Allied Health degree; RN/LPN may also be considered. Certified Nurse Practitioner or M.D. preferred. Excellent communication and organizational skills; ability to work with diverse population; the capacity for both independent functioning as well as collaborating on team based projects. Computer literacy skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EMR, etc.) are required.

Working from Home