Senior Support Therapist

Responsibilities: Direct clinical service: Provides individual psychotherapy, performs clinical diagnostic and assessment functions in the home; develops and implements initial and revised Individual Service Plan.
Provides Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment (CPST) services as necessary to assure effective care.
Provides timely and clinically accurate documentation in accordance with agency best practices; completes all necessary reports per project criteria.
Consultation: Participates in clinical supervision; maintains appropriate collateral contacts and community linkage; consults with staff as indicated. Administrative: Performs related administrative duties; attends meetings; assists in program planning and evaluation.
Qualifications: Master's degree with Independent licensure (LISW); minimum two (2) years’ experience in community mental health or closely related field preferred such as extended care facilities, assisted living facilities, or senior housing care preferred; experience, skill and comfort with elderly adults in the home setting; ability to function as a treatment team member; must be highly motivated and self-directed. Must also have the ability to work cooperatively with multiple older adult-serving systems, to be sensitive and attentive to the cultural needs of each older adult and family, and to communicate effectively in writing. Supervisor: Home Based Services Coordinator

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