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3 Good Things

Self Care Diary

Free gratitude based daily mental health journal designed to cultivate a simple habit of wellness journaling. This daily gratitude journal will elevate your overall well-being through consistent self-reflection and guided self-care.
Engage with a gratitude journal that prioritizes your mental and emotional wellness with a free journaling app for you glow up the positive aspects of your life, helping you feel grateful and thankful.

This app is free and available on all devices.


Family Mindfulness

Learn new approaches to mindful living and share the experience with your inner circle, through the unique family mindfulness hub that is myKinCloud.


This family mindfulness toolkit equips you and your loved ones to deepen your connections through a range of mindfulness techniques including meditation, gratitude journaling, yoga exercises and more.


Your KinCloud is a safe space where you can communicate openly with your family to develop an encouraging, mindful atmosphere centered on gratitude, self-awareness and positive habit-building.


On one account you can add up to 12 members of your family (and friends, it’s up to you who to include), for just $0.99 USD a month after the 14-day free trial.


All the following features are included, and each member of your KinCloud can pick and choose the mindfulness habits most useful for them:

+ Guided Meditations (new content added regularly)

+ Gratitude Journaling

+ Self-Awareness Check-ins

+ Mindful Messaging

+ Yoga

+ Daily Inspirations


myKinCloud is ad-free, requires no access to social media or other private data, and contains no third-party links.

This app is available for ipad devices.

Virtual Hope Box

Patients can use the VHB to store a variety of rich multimedia content that they find personally supportive in times of need. For example, a patient can include family photos, videos and recorded messages from loved ones, inspirational quotes, music they find especially soothing, reminders of previous successes, positive life experiences and future aspirations, and affirmations of their worth in their VHB. A patient can also collaborate with their provider to create coping cards to use in response to personal problem areas they experience. Finally, the VHB provides the patient with positive activity planning, distraction tools, and interactive relaxation exercises including guided imagery, controlled breathing and muscle relaxation.

This app is available on all devices and is free.


Self Care Pet

Finch is a self care pet app that helps you feel prepared and positive, one day at a time. Take care of your pet by taking care of yourself! Choose from a wide variety of daily self care exercises personalized for you.

Complete quick self care exercises to grow your pet, earn rewards, and improve mental health! People who struggle with mood.

This app is free and available on all devices.

My Life My Voice

How are you feeling?

This mood journal offers a simple solution for tracking your thoughts, feelings and moods in this interactive tool you can keep right on your phone!

Choose from a variety of animated emoticons to help identify your mood. Add details to your entry by writing, recording your voice, or attaching a photo about what's going on. Whatever mood, feeling or experience you're going through, this is a great way to help you track your changing moods and behavioral triggers by journaling within the app. You can review a report of your tracked moods over a period of time, and you can also get life tips on ways to help turn your mood around ​when you're feeling down or stressed out!

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